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44 died due to heat stroke in Ballia, UP.

44 died due to heat stroke in Ballia, UP.

44 died due to heat stroke in Ballia, UP: The Uttar Pradesh government has launched an investigation after reports surfaced that at least 44 patients at the Ballia district hospital passed away between June 15 and 16, their pre-existing conditions being made worse by the sweltering heat. According to officials, the majority of the patients were older than 60.

An investigation into the killings has been opened, according to a top government spokeswoman for Uttar Pradesh. From Lucknow, two officers at the director level have been dispatched. Diwakar Singh, the Ballia District Hospital’s Chief Medical Superintendent, has been transferred, the official reported.

44 died due to heat stroke in Ballia, UP.

44 died due to heat stroke in Ballia, UP: Singh had claimed on Saturday that the district had been suffering from oppressive heat. “More heat is a challenge for everyone. However, in such weather, the situation is exacerbated for those who have chronic illnesses like high blood pressure or bronchial asthma.

According to a statement from the local health department, while 23 persons passed away on June 15, 11 more perished up to the afternoon of June 16. However, 10 additional people later passed away on Friday, according to a top hospital official.

44 died due to heat stroke in Ballia, UP in the past 50 hours, the official stated. The impact of the heat was exacerbated on Saturday when the district recorded a maximum temperature of 43’C, five degrees above average, and a relative humidity of 25%.

44 died due to heat stroke in Ballia, UP.

44 died due to heat stroke in Ballia, UP.


44 died due to heat stroke in Ballia, UP: According to calculations made using the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) algorithm to determine heat index based on relative humidity and temperature, the Heat Index (HI), also known as “real feel” temperature, stood at 47 degree C.

When relative humidity, air temperature, and wind speed are added together, HI shows how the temperature feels to a human body. It is frequently employed to determine the likelihood of heat-related diseases including heat exhaustion. Heatstroke is linked to extended exposure to temperatures between 40 and 54 oC on the heat index.

Ballia recorded a maximum temperature of 42.2 degrees Celsius (also five degrees above normal) on June 16 and 42 degrees Celsius on June 15, according to the India Meteorological Department.

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