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Agra Metro: Jama Masjid Metro station to be renamed as Manokamneshwar.

Agra Metro: Jama Masjid Metro station to be renamed as Manokamneshwar.

Agra Metro: During his discourse, CM Yogi called Jama Masjid Metro station as Manokamneshwar, after which the conversations about renaming got fixed. He said that the station till Manokamneshwar sanctuary is prepared.

Agra Metro Rail:

Uttar Pradesh Boss Pastor Yogi Adityanath visited Agra and Mathura on Wednesday. In Agra, CM Yogi initiated the high velocity preliminary attempt of Metro at Taj East Entryway Metro Station (Agra Metro) situated in Fatehabad.
During this, CM Yogi made a major declaration with respect to the Jama Masjid metro station. He clarified that the name of Jama Masjid metro station will be Manokamneshwar Mandir station.

It was being examined for quite a while that the name of Jama Masjid Metro station in Agra can be changed, which will be reported tomorrow.

Agra Metro: Jama Masjid Metro station to be renamed as Manokamneshwar

Yogi Adityanath shut down it On Wednesday, CM Yogi introduced the metro station of Taj East Entryway in Agra.

During this, he additionally investigated Agra Metro Rail and Metro Station and adulated crafted by Metro. He said that crafted by metro rail project in Agra is continuing quick. Seeing which one might say that it will end before as far as possible.
CM Yogi said that prior the cutoff time for crafted by the metro rail project in Agra was August 2024, however with the speed with which this work is going on, it appears to be that it will be prepared by February 2024.

Agra Metro will be accessible before time.

Metro preliminary has been done before in Agra however at that point its speed was 40 km each hour, yet presently high velocity preliminary is continuing and arrangements are being made to speed up to 60-80 km each hour.

CM Yogi has finished three raised stations of Metro Station Need Area. There are 3 raised stations inside 6 km from Taj East Entryway to Manokameshwar Mandir station.

During his discourse, CM Yogi called Jama Masjid Metro Station as Manokameshwar, after which the conversations about renaming, got changed to seal Jama Masjid. CM Yogi said that three raised stations are prepared. Metro trains have additionally opened up. Metro has run on the preliminary runway.

After which it is normal that individuals will get the metro in Agra before time. As per the affirmation given by PM Modi to individuals of Agra, crafted by Agra Metro will be finished somewhat early, the best office of public vehicle will be accessible to individuals of Agra and every one of the travelers coming to Agra.


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