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One UI 6 has been officially released for the Samsung S series devices, the One UI 6 is based on Android 14. If you are using an S23 line-up phone then you will probably get the update till now.

In this article, we will take a look at the biggest updates and changes that One UI will bring to your Samsung device.

A Fresh Typeface: Samsung’s New Font One UI Sans

Samsung has introduced its new font called One UI Sans. It is a very clean and simple font style it looks very refreshing and pleasant to watch. The user’s eye will definitely feel good while watching on these fonts.

Icon Labels

Aesthetic-wise there are lots of changes in the new One UI 6 apart from the fonts the Icon labels have also been updated to match the theme of the update.

These labels are simplified like new fonts. They also brought support for the theme label and the app names have also been shorted like the Galaxy Store is now just  Store that might be supported by third-party apps.

Quick Panel

Quick panel has been reworked completely and now it comes with a completely new look and design.

All the screen-related controls like brightness, eye comfort, and dark mode are now categorised into one separate segment of the panel.

Similarly, all the network-related settings like Wifi and Bluetooth have been categorised at the top of the quick panel. Rest all the functions/apps can be found in the middle of the panel.

Stacked Notifications

One UI 6 solves the problem of having different notifications showing differently from one particular app. Now the notifications from one app are stacked on one another, this will give a much cleaner and organised look to the notification panel.

Another big change in the notification is that now users can see the notification based on time the notification from the morning will show on top followed by the notification in the evening.

More Customised Lock Screen

With Apple, Samsung has also introduced the lock screen customisation although this feature was already available in Samsung Good Lock module way before Apple. They just made it available outside the Good Lock.

Now Samsung is giving more power to the users by letting them choose the position and size of the clocks.

Enhanced Security: Auto Blocker

Samsung has done great work in the past few years enhancing their device security, they have introduced a maintenance mode which helps users to protect their personal information while they give their phones to service centres.

And now they have introduced an auto-blocker as a new security feature that is bundled with many privacy protection services like blocking all the third-party apps, blocking software updates by USB etc.

Camera and Gallery Features

Now users can edit different widgets as per different camera settings for every camera mode users can be able to customise a new camera widget. This customization includes adding photos for every different camera mode and renaming the widgets according to need.

Samsung has also given users the power to decide whether they need a processed image or they like the raw one better this will allow users to take photos more quickly rather than to wait for post-processing.

For Gallery, users can now save any object in an image let as just a human in an image as a separate image without a background or even as a sticker despite this many other features are also being added like portrait effect and object eraser.

Samsung Studio

For normal/light editing of the videos, One UI has introduced Samsung Studio which lets the user make some basic edits. Like adding background music adding text, images etc. These features may increase from time to time.

When Your Phone will receive the updates?

First, check how many years of updates Samsung has promised you. If it comes your phone comes under the updated policy then check if your phone is in the last year of receiving updates or second-last because if it is in the last year then most probably it will only get security patch updates, not the One UI 6 update.

The S series phone like S21, S22, and S23 have received their updates now and the Fold and Flip series phones will be the next in line followed by the A series phone like this year’s A54 and previous year’s A53 and then the A34 followed up by the M series and F series phones which will get the update along the same interval.

One UI 6 Core Update

Unfortunately, many Samsung low-range phones like the F14 and M14 will receive the Core version of One UI 6 which will not be packed with all the above features they all will receive a downgraded version of One UI 6 that will have some features cut here and there.





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