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Elon Musk suspends KOO’s Twitter account

Elon Musk suspends KOO’s Twitter Account


Elon Musk suspends the KOO’s twitter account which is an Indian alternative of the twitter. But why? Let’s understand in this article.

The twitter didn’t suspend the original account of KOO but the queries account of KOO, through which people ask questions related to the app.

There are many accounts on twitter which share the live location of Elon Musk.

Those accounts were safe even after the takeover of Elon on twitter but, one of those accounts shared the real time location of his son.

Many people tried to block the path of the vehicle in which Musk’s son was traveling.

This event triggered Elon so much that he started to block each and every account on twitter that shares the live location of the Elon.

This ban wave also took  many CNN reporters that used to share the live location of Elon through articles and tweets inside it.

After banning the journalist accounts, people started asking Elon why he banned the journalist twitter account ? Since it was quite opposite of the Elon agenda of free speech.

After a voting poll hosted on the twitter account of Elon 47% of the people voted that Elon should lift the ban from the journalist account.

After that Elon tweeted confirming that he will bring back those journalist accounts.

But, CNN was not so happy about this and gave an official statement that they will cut down any relationship they have with twitter.

Because of all these events there is a new image of Elon started forming that he is a supporter of Donal Trump.

This belief can be very harmful for the twitter future since many people in the opposition of Donal Trump can leave twitter.

In the market there are two big competitors of twitter one of them is India’s KOO, with the thought that people might leave the twitter and switch to the alternatives the Elon took this decision to ban the queries account of KOO.

KOO is a very popular alternative to twitter that is not only famous in India but also outside of India.

In many big countries like Brazil many of their popular superstars are active on KOO platform sharing their daily updates and interacting with their fan base.


That’s the reason why Elon is seeing KOO as a potential competitor in future and trying to kept twitter users from searching alternatives.



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