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Himars attack wipes out 100s of Russian soldiers: Russian sources claim that more than a hundred Russian soldiers may have died in a Ukrainian Himars attack after being told to queue up in large groups to listen to a general’s speech. The claimed strike, which Russian military-affiliated bloggers claim took place Wednesday morning close to the battle line in the Luhansk region, has not received any comments from the Russian ministry of defence.

“A sad tragedy occurred in one of the units assembled there for an offensive near Kremenna. People waited in a crowd for the divisional commander’s motivating speech for two hours in one location, according to Rybar, a combat blog with close ties to the Russian military.

Before the general arrived, “Ukrainian Himars attack and artillery” struck the gathering, according to Rybar.

Himars attack wipes out 100s of Russian soldiers.

Himars attack wipes out 100s of Russian soldiers: The Russian name for the Ukrainian town of Kreminna is Kremenna. Although it is currently held by Russia, it is just about 10 miles from the front line, making it well within the reach of more powerful weaponry.Himars attack wipes out 100s of Russian soldiers.

Numerous military Telegram channels attributed the mishap to Maj Gen Zurab Akhmedov, the leader of the 20th combined arms army. Maj Gen Akhmedov was last year accused by Russian marines of using them as “cannon fodder” during a poorly planned attack that they said cost 300 lives.

At the time, the Russian ministry of defence denied that the 155 Marine Infantry had suffered significant losses. The unit’s members had written an open letter accusing the general of incompetence.Himars attack wipes out 100s of Russian soldiers.

Himars attack wipes out 100s of Russian soldiers: Although the precise number of dead is still unknown, some reports claim more killed there than in recent battle that lasted for many days on the southern front, where Ukraine is launching a significant counteroffensive.

If true, it would be the greatest single casualty incident to affect Russian forces since a Himars attack hit on a school that was serving as a barracks in Donetsk on New Year’s Eve.

High-precision Himars attack on Russian positions have dropped off in recent months after the Kremlin developed electronic warfare methods to jam the rockets’ guidance systems. The attack on Kremmina may signal that Ukraine has succeeded in reprogramming the rockets to overcome those measures.

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