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In the 2023 Asian Games, India’s men’s hockey team clinches the Gold.RizanaupdatesIn brief-

1- India clinched its 4th Asian Games men’s hockey gold.
2- India delivered a dominant performance, defeating 2018 champions Japan 5-1.
3- India secured a coveted Paris Olympics 2024 quota with its Hangzhou Gold.

HANGZHOU DOMINANCE: A Spectacular Display

The Indian men’s hockey team clinched their fourth Asian Games gold medal in Hangzhou, the first since 2014. They secured this victory by defeating defending champions Japan with a score of 5-1 in the final. Harmanpreet Singh netted two goals from penalty corners in the 32nd and 59th minutes, while Amit Rohidas scored from a set-piece in the 36th minute. Manpreet Singh and Abhishek added to the tally with field goals in the 25th and 48th minutes. Japan’s only goal came from Seren Tanaka, who scored from a penalty corner in the 51st minute. This win marked India’s 22nd gold medal in Asian Games history, making it a memorable triumph.

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India Secures Paris Olympics Spot

India’s gold medal at the Asian Games in Hangzhou guaranteed their participation in the forthcoming Paris Olympics. Throughout the Asian Games, India’s performance was nothing short of exceptional as they emerged victorious in all of their matches.

Their journey began with a resounding 16-0 triumph over Uzbekistan during the Pool stage, setting the tone for their dominance. They continued their winning streak with a commanding 16-1 victory against Singapore, showcasing their superior skills.

India faced tough competition from Japan but managed to secure a 4-2 victory, displaying their resilience on the field. In a remarkable demonstration of their prowess, they achieved an astonishing 10-2 win over arch-rivals Pakistan, solidifying their reputation as a formidable force in hockey.

Advancing to the semi-finals, India’s dominance remained unchallenged as they delivered a convincing 12-0 victory against Bangladesh. Their final spot was sealed after a hard-fought battle, triumphing over Korea with a score of 5-3.

Japan, too, displayed a commendable performance, suffering their sole defeat to India with a score of 2-4 before the final. Their journey to the final included victories over Bangladesh (7-2), Uzbekistan (10-1), Singapore (16-0), and a closely contested match against Pakistan (3-2). Japan’s resilience earned them a well-deserved spot in the final after defeating China 3-2.

In summary, India and Japan’s outstanding performances in the Asian Games paved the way for an exciting showdown in the final, with both teams earning their place in the history of the competition.

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Hockey and the Olympics

The Olympic history of hockey is a story marked by both triumphs and challenges. 1908 the inaugural Olympic Hockey Competition for men occurred in London, featuring separate teams from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Later, Germany and France joined, expanding the competition to six teams.

However, in 1912, hockey faced exclusion from the Olympics as host nations gained authority over ‘optional sports.’ It made a comeback in 1920, thanks to advocacy in Antwerp, Belgium, only to be regretfully omitted again in the 1924 Paris Olympics.

The establishment of the International Hockey Federation in 1924 paved the way for hockey’s return to Amsterdam in 1928. Since then, hockey has remained a steadfast presence in the Olympic program. The significant milestone of women’s hockey making its Olympic debut in Moscow in 1980 underscores the enduring legacy and global appeal of the sport in the Olympics.


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