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India is known for its variety of cultures that’s why many mention it as ‘India the land of cultures’. And to make saturation of the brief history of all these different cultures India will have the world’s biggest museum “Yuge Yugeen Bharat”.

Recently the Modi government announced this massive ambitious project that will reflect the huge history of India. Indian history has proven to be the oldest history in the world, and this history indeed demands the world’s biggest museum.

Everything About World’s Largest Museum Yuge Yugeen Bharat

The upcoming world’s largest museum will be located at the capital of India New Delhi and it is said to cover the brief history of India in the span of over 5000 years.

On the 26th of July (Wednesday) , Indian prime minister Narendra Modi announced the Yuge Yugeen Bharat National Museum during the ceremony of the International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre (IECC) complex in the national capital.

A virtual walk of Yuge Yugeen Bharat has been shown to us by the Prime Minister on the occasion of the International Museum Expo at Pragati Maidan.

The museum will be divided into eight thematic segments showcasing India’s civilisation culture of over 5,000 years. According to the officials it will be built in the North and South block of Delhi.

These eight segments will be used to showcase different phases of Indian history like ancient history medieval history modern history and even the important events in past like Mission Mangal etc.

The museum will cover a total of 1.17 lakh sqm with 950 rooms spread over a basement and three storeys.

The virtual walkthrough gave us a glimes about how the museum is going to look like when it is finised. India’s ancient town planning systems, the Vedas, Upanishads, ancient medical knowledge, etc. Mauryan to Gupta Empires, Vijayanagara Empire, Mughal Empire, and the rule of several other dynasties are mentioned in the walkthrough.

It is not yet clear when it will be finished and when the constrution will be started but upon asking the Minister of State for Culture and External Affairs Meenakshi Lekhi replied “The goverment always keep the deadlines in check and always work according to them”.

Yuge Yugeen Bharat Budget: The devlopment of the Yuge Yugeen Bharat is estimated to be around 2,700 corores.

Yuge Yugeen Bharat Opening ceremony: The opening ceremony of the museum is still not cleared as goverement didn’t gave a date untill when the project will be finished but it might take 5 years and more to be completed.

World’s Largest Museum Currently: This title goes to the British museum in London which is basically a collection of artifacts around the globle and because of that it is cretisized heavely around the globe.


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