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JNU campus walls found defaced with Anti-Brahmins slogan


Several buildings on the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) were defaced with anti-Brahmin and anti-genocide slogans, photos of which have since gone viral. According to university students, the walls of the School of International Studies – The Building were vandalized with slogans against the Brahmin and Baniya communities.


Brahmins Leave Campus, There Will Be Blood

Brahmin Bharat Chhodo, and Brahmino-Baniyas, We Come for You! We will take revenge” were some of the
defaced slogans on the walls. The institution expressed its contempt for the incident and issued a statement, stating, “Vice Chancellor Professor Santishree D. Pandit has taken serious note of the incident of the defacing of walls and staff quarters by some unknown elements at SIS, JNU.

The administration condemns these exclusivist tendencies on campus.” The Dean of the School of International Studies and the Complaints Committee have been asked to investigate the VC and file a report as soon as possible. JNU stands for Inclusion and Equality VC affirms zero tolerance for any kind of violence on campus,” he added. Along with RSS member Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad, a JNU faculty corps blamed the “left-wing gang” for the shameful hooliganism.


The teachers’ forum said:

“While the left-liberal gang intimidates all dissenting voices, they are calling for the election of EU representatives who can ‘reaffirm the values ​​of mutual respect and courtesy, and equal treatment and fairness for all’. ‘civil conduct’ & ‘mutual respect’. Rohit Kumar, ABVP JNU President, condemned the shameful incident, saying: “ABVP condemns rampant vandalism of academic venues by communist thugs. They have blurred the cameras of freethinking professors to intimidate them.


“We believe that academic spaces should be used for debate and discussion, not to poison society and the student community,” added Kumar. JNU Vice-Chancellor Professor Santishree D.Pandit condemned Baniya’s anti-Brahmin slogans. sprayed on campus walls. On Thursday, December 1, several walls of the Il-School of International Studies building were painted with slogans calling on the Brahmins to leave the campus and return to the Shakhas.


The Administration

The administration did not respond immediately in at first but then produced a notice signed by the registrar that read, “The administration condemns all these exclusivist tendencies on campus.”

Such incidents will not be tolerated as the JNU belongs to everyone. The notice clarified that the Dean of the School of International Studies and the Complaints Committee have become aware of the matter and are to file a report on the matter with the VC.



On Thursday (December 1), slogans such as “Brahmins Leave Campus,” “There Will Be Blood,” “Brahmin Bharat Chhodo,” and “Brahmino-Baniyas, We Will Avenge You!” We will take revenge,” were sprayed in red paint on the walls of the campus and also on the chambers of certain ( Brahmins ) professors. RSS affiliate Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Paris accused the left of hooliganism.

“Brahmin Lives Matter” started trending on Twitter when photos of the slogan circulated on social media.


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