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Uttar Pradesh : Man found innocent after 20 years in prison.

AGRA: Vishnu Tiwari was 23 when court sentenced him life imprisonment. He had been convicted of rape and unable to hire better lawyers. The only thing he could do was keep affirming that he had not committed the crime. After spending 20 long years in prison, during which every member of his family died. Finally he was declared innocent by the Allahabad High Court.


The Superintendent of Agra Central Prison, VK Singh said, “Vishnu will be released very soon.” We’re awaiting the formal release order. It is unfortunate that he spent two decades in prison for a crime that was never committed. All of this started in late 2000. Vishnu lived with his family ( father and two brothers) in the village of Lalitpur, UP.




He dropped out of school and took odd jobs to help his family. In September of the same year, a woman from the town of Silawan, some 30 km away, accused him of raping her. They accused him of rape. , criminal intimidation and sexual exploitation of an SC woman under the IPC and the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. A court of first instance found him guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

In 2003 he was transferred to Agra Central Prison. In prison he was known as a well-mannered person, an advocate of cleanliness and a talented cook. “Besides cooking for the inmates, I also kept the prison clean. Prison. His behavior has always been good,” Singh said. And he was attached to his family and eagerly awaited his father’s visits.

In 2005, he met his reservations and decided to appeal the verdict to the Supreme Court. But it didn’t thrive. Her father’s visits stopped abruptly about six years ago, as hope began to dwindle. He correctly recognized that his father had died. A license request was not processed.

He had previously not been able to attend his brothers’ funeral. He couldn’t be with his parents either. This ended 14 years of his tenure. He was ready for a plea for clemency. Prison authorities intervened.

They went to the State Legal Services Authority and appealed to HC last year. On January 28, a superior court, composed of judges Kaushal Jayendra Thaker and Gautam Chaudhary, found him not guilty. The court found that the FIR had been submitted three days late, there were no injuries to the woman’s private parts “who claims to have been beaten”, and that “there was a reason on the applicant’s part that there was a property Dispute between the parties” and that it was not she but her husband and father-in-law who had filed a complaint.


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