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Maharana pratap : The man with courage, discipline & determination ( 19 January)

Maharana pratap Singh

Rajputs have a proud place in Indian history. The man here fought to protect the country, religion and freedom. He never hesitated in sacrificing his life. In this land of heroes, there were many small and big states of Rajputs. Who fought for the independence of India.

Remember that war of Haldighati, 15 thousand soldiers of Maharana pratap in front of 80 thousand soldiers of Mughal, Akbar.

Remember the horse Chetak, run 5 km with broken leg and jumped 25 feet canal.

Team Rozanaupdates Salute to Maharana Pratap, India’s most fearless Rajput warrior, a master strategist and the one, who never compromised with his determination to defend his motherland & his self-respect. Let’s remember the great son of India on his 426th death anniversary and will go through the stories struggle, courage and determination.


  • Born – 9 May 1540 kumbhalgarh, Mewar
  • Died – 19 January 1597 chavand, Mewar
  • Mother – Maharani Jaiwanta Bai
  • Father –  Uday Singh

Maharani Jaywanta Bai was a devotee of Krishna. From the very beginning, he gave Kunwar Pratap the knowledge of Lord Krishna and the martial arts of Mahabharata. Rani Jaywanta Bai used to tell Kunwar the heroic stories of his grandfather and great grandfather. Listening to this past of Sisodia dynasty, when Pratap started growing up, he was sent to Gurukul, where Pratap used to spend mornings in Gurukul and also used to go to local settlements in the afternoon, and in the evening, Pratap left for blacksmiths’ villages. He took great pleasure in learning the art of making weapons. On mixing so much among the public.

Pratap was now becoming everyone’s favourite. Bhil called him as Kika. The same blacksmiths started considering him as their Rana. His body was many times stronger than normal children’s. He started speaking about raids in Afghan settlements at a young age. On the Mughal army passing through Mewar, they used to attack with slingshots.

Until I make Mewar completely independent. Till then I will not sit still. I will not stay in palaces at night. I will not sleep on the bed. I will not eat in gold and silver utensils. my heroes! With the roar of self-respect, now we will have a confrontation with a huge army. ready up!!

The Battle Of Haldighati

Many great battles took place on the land of India such as the battles of Tarain, Plassey, Khanwa and Panipat. There was such a well-known war which is called Haldighati ka Yudh.

18 June 1576 Between Akbar and Rajput ruler Maharana Pratap Singh.Akbar had more than 80 thousand soldiers and Rajput had only 20 thousand soldiers compared to him. One specialty of this war was that not only the Rajputs but also the forest dwellers, Brahmins, Vaishyas etc. had sacrificed their lives in this great war.

It is said that before this, Akbar had invited Maharana Pratap to be under him 6 times, but being a Rajputana and mighty, he never accepted the submission.


Chetak was a great ally of Maharana Pratap during the war with Akbar in Haldighati. At that time, Chetak saved Maharana Pratap by jumping from a 25 feet deep river with an injured leg putting his life at stake.

  • He stood at a magnificent height of 7 feet and 5 inches
  • At the battlefield, he used to carry a weight of around 360 kg which included a spear weighing 80 kg, two swords weighing 208 kg and his armor was around 72 kg heavy. His own weight was more than 110 kg.
  • It is said that in the battle of Haldighati, Maharana Pratap killed one of the Mughal opponents Behlol Khan with his horse by slicing into two pieces.

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