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Neeru Yadav “Hockey Wali Sarpanch”

Neeru Yadav "Hockey Wali Sarpanch"

Neeru Yadav of Village Panchayat Lambia Tehsil Buhana, Sarpanch of Jhunjhunu district, her approach towards the development of rural areas is a symbol of inspiration in itself. Yes, especially the challenges coming in the way of women first being a woman from rural area to step out of the boundary wall to take some big responsibility which is really difficult.

Second is to inspire other women to step out of the four walls of their homes and contribute by bringing something to this society. Neeru Yadav has faced the challenges very strongly. Neeru Yadav has not only shown the right use of power but has also made the most out of it in his rural constituency.

Neeru Yadav "Hockey Wali Sarpanch"

The Legacy: Hockey Wali Sarpanch

Facing the first challenge, she became India’s first woman sarpanch to start farmer production in the name of true friend women. With the help of SIIRD (Society of Indian Institute of Rural Development), Establishment of Farmer Producer Organization, the role of the chairman of the board of directors of which company informed about the plans of the government. He explained the importance of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana which has helped the youth living in the village to acquire and develop new skills.

Unemployment also decreased in the village. For the second and most important challenge, he gave honorarium to the girls for 2 years. Involved in building a hockey team in which all necessary facilities were provided. Neeru Yadav put in anything to enable this team. Neeru Yadav was present in the field and made sure that all the girls got the things they needed on time. The girls also did not disappoint their village. The team of Lambi Panchayat first won the block and then presented its participation at the state level as well.

Neeru Yadav "Hockey Wali Sarpanch"

Women Empowerment and Neeru Yadav.

The first project of this kind, “Hockey Wali Sarpanch”, involved Neeru Yadav, Sarpanch from Lambi Ahir, Tehsil Buhana, Jhunjhunu from Rajasthan working with director and screenwriter Arvind Choudhary. Arvind Choudhary has been making women’s empowerment films for years and had the exciting idea of ​​showing these films at the village level, especially on Women’s Day. Neeru Yadav from Sarpanch village of Lambi Ahir advocated and paved the way for this to be seen in her own village as a process to raise awareness of women’s rights.

The Initiative: Hockey Wali Sarpanch

Neeru Yadav "Hockey Wali Sarpanch"
Neeru Yadav helps the girls of Lambi Ahir village with education, skill development and sports activities and donates his salary to this cause.

The initiative of a Sarpanch woman from Lambi Ahir village in Jhunjhunu district to help girls with their education, skills and sports activities was welcomed in the Shekhawati region as a step towards empowering women. Hockey Wali Sarpanch Neeru Yadav donates his salary to a girl.

Neeru Yadav, sarpanch of Lambi.

Neeru Yadav was elected to the Sarpanch of Lambi Ahir in Buhana Tehsil in October 2020. After her acquisition, she launched a door-to-door survey, raising awareness among girls on how to gain the skills needed for the job and excel in athletic pursuits. Neeru Yadav’s guidance resulted in the successful education of 10 village girls under the guidance of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana.

After the previous group of girls were hired by an international company after successfully completing their education, about 15 other girls joined Panchayat village to develop their skills in a new group that will start soon. Neeru Yadav said on Saturday that she has used her office to support government programs to make a difference on the ground.

Neeru Yadav donates her salary to buy uniforms.

Neeru Yadav "Hockey Wali Sarpanch"

Neeru Yadav recently donated his two-year salary to buy hockey uniforms for the women’s team, which was playing at the district level for the first time. He also arranged a private vehicle to transport the team to the sports field and appointed a private coach to coach them.

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