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Pakistan Flag on Burj Khalifa 2023 was not hosted.



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Pakistan Flag on Burj Khalifa 2023 was not hosted.

Pakistan Flag on Burj Khalifa 2023 was not hosted.

Pakistan Flag on Burj Khalifa 2023 was not hosted. Pakistanis gathered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, close to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest man-made tower, were dismayed to see that it did not fly the flag of their nation. On August 14, the South Asian nation celebrates its Independence Day, and hundreds of Pakistani tourists had congregated there in anticipation that the structure will fly their flag.

Burj Khalifa has gained recognition over time for putting up eye-catching light displays on significant days. In a video that has gone viral on social media, a woman was heard suggesting that the Pakistanis had been the target of a “prank” because the Burj Khalifa was missing the green, white, and crescent moon elements that make up the Pakistani flag.

In the video, Pakistani nationals can be seen anxiously awaiting the appearance of the flag. But even as the clock moved beyond midnight, much to their sorrow, the flag was never projected. Pakistan Flag on Burj Khalifa 2023 was not hosted.

“By the time (12:01 a.m.), Dubai officials have notified us that the Burj Khalifa would not fly the national flag of Pakistan. This is currently our current situation. Pakistanis are holding signs here, but the Burj Khalifa will not fly the Pakistani flag. So unfortunate, Pakistanis have been the victim of a joke,” the woman was heard lamenting.

Pakistan Flag on Burj Khalifa 2023


Internet users who viewed the video had a variety of thoughts about the scenario, some making fun of it while others criticised those who always sought validation for their actions.

One user commented, “I’m honestly pleased by her honesty,” and another added, “Pakistanis in Dubai were dissatisfied since Burj Khalifa didn’t display Pakistani Flag on Independence Day. What changes if the flag is displayed in the Burj Khalifa? People on both sides of the border believe that displaying anything in Times Square and the Burj Khalifa is a wonderful accomplishment.

Pakistan Flag on Burj Khalifa 2023, the Pakistani flag finally appears.

Notably, the Pakistani flag wasn’t actually flown on the building until after the video went viral. Late on August 14, Burj Khalifa’s Instagram page published a video showing the structure draped in the Pakistani flag. Pakistan Flag on Burj Khalifa 2023 was not hosted.
“To commemorate the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s Independence Day, the Burj Khalifa is lit up. Wishing the people of Pakistan a day full of pride, harmony, and prosperity as you honour the illustrious past and outstanding accomplishments of your magnificent country. May all Pakistanis experience even more prosperity and pleasure in the future. “Happy Independence Day,” the video’s caption said.

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