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PM Modi US visit met Elon Musk.

PM Modi US visit met Elon Musk.

PM Modi US visit, met Elon Musk: PM Modi met Elon Musk today as he began his historic three-day state visit to the US, at a time when Tesla and SpaceX are eager to engage in the Indian market. After the encounter, Musk told reporters, “I’m a fan of Modi.”

PM Modi US visit, met Elon Musk: “The meeting with the prime minister was wonderful, and I really like the man. He recently came to our factory. Therefore, we have been acquainted for some time,” Musk stated. He also emphasised his fervent optimism for India’s future, highlighting that it has greater potential than that of any other major nation and has a lot to give the rest of the world.

PM Modi US visit met Elon Musk.

PM Modi US visit, met Elon Musk

The Prime Minister got the chance to meet Elon Musk on a prior trip to the Tesla Motors factory in California in 2015. Musk reiterated his certainty when asked about the timetable for Tesla’s entry into India, saying, “I am confident Tesla will be in India and will do so as soon as humanly possible.”

PM Modi US visit met Elon MuskThe head of Twitter claims that Prime Minister Modi’s real interest for India is apparent in his calls for them to make large investments in the nation, which are consistent with their desire to do so. But they must choose the right moment to act. The head of Twitter underscored PM Modi’s intention to put India’s interests first by being approachable, encouraging of businesses, and making sure that it benefits India.

PM Modi US visit, met Elon Musk.

PM Modi US visit met Elon Musk was asked about Tesla’s interest in the Indian market during an interview. He answered with an unequivocal “Absolutely.” The efforts made by Elon Musk to increase the availability and affordability of technology across various industries were recognised and welcomed by Prime Minister Modi. As a result, PM Modi invited Musk and urged him to look into investment prospects in India, particularly in the areas of electric transportation and the commercial space industry.

PM Modi US visit met Elon Musk.

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