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Deliberate Poisoning of Schoolgirls in Iran

Poisoning of Schoolgirls in Iran: Eighty-nine schoolgirls and their teachers were hospitalized on June 3-4 following separate poisoning attacks on two all-girls elementary schools.

On June 3, sixty-three students and staff members experienced respiratory and neurological symptoms at Kabod Aab elementary school in the northern Sar-i-Pul Province shortly after arriving in their classrooms.

Deliberate Poisoning of Schoolgirls in Iran

Poisoning of Schoolgirls in Iran:

The following day, 26 students and staff members at the nearby Faiz Abad Girls’ School were hospitalized with similar symptoms, including shortness of breath, weakness, nausea, and headaches.

Local Afghan officials believed the poisonings were motivated by local animosities between villages. However, several local elders and residents have expressed doubt regarding this claim.Deliberate Poisoning of Schoolgirls in Iran

Since the Taliban came into power in August 2021, they have severely restricted the rights and freedoms of Afghan women and girls. In March 2022, the Taliban barred girls from attending school above sixth grade, and in November, it prohibited women from attending university. In addition, women and girls are prohibited from many public spaces, jobs, and travel.

Everyone is scared, and we should be scared because the poisoning of the students is severe. People want to know who did this to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

– Hassan Haidari, whose daughter is a teacher at one of the schools.

Deliberate Poisoning of Schoolgirls in Iran

Deliberate Poisoning of Schoolgirls in IranPoisoning of Schoolgirls in Iran:

Since November 2022, “serial poisoning” attacks have targeted girls’ schools in multiple cities across Iran. As a result, hundreds have been hospitalized after experiencing symptoms, including nausea, headaches, coughing, difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, and numbness in their limbs.

After four months, Iranian authorities announced arrests over the poisonings in March, following public outrage over the government’s dismissal of poisoning incidents. However, no suspects have been publicly identified, and little information has been released about the arrests.Deliberate Poisoning of Schoolgirls in Iran

Many Iranians believe the government is behind them because of significant student participation in recent anti- government protests. Some believe ultra-religious groups with beliefs similar to those of the Taliban in Afghanistan may be behind the mysterious poisonings.

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