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Rs 2000 notes out of circulation, read what RBI has to say?Rs 2000 notes out of circulation, read what RBI has to say?


Rs 2000 notes out of circulation. After the demonetization of the Reserve Bank in the year 2016, the Reserve Bank had issued a note of 2000 rupees. For the last few months, 2000-rupee notes were less visible in the market. People said that even 2000-rupee notes are not coming out from ATMs. In this regard, the government had also given information in the Parliament.

Reserve Bank of India has taken a big decision on Rs 2000 note. RBI will soon withdraw 2000 rupee note from all over the country through banks. But even in this case there is a problem. RBI has also made it clear that Rs 2000 note will continue as legal tender, as many notes as are in the market will remain legal, now banks will stop printing Rs 2000 notes and from September 30, Rs 2000 notes will also become invalid. Rs 2000 notes out of circulation.
This is true, many people will have a lot of trouble with this.
And the common man will have nothing to do with this decision, everyone says black money is going to come out of it. And it may also reduce some inflation.Rs 2000 notes out of circulation, read what RBI has to say?

Rs 2000 notes out of circulation.

According to the Reserve Bank, from May 23, 2023, notes of Rs 2000 can be exchanged for notes of its appropriate value at a time in any bank. Note exchange limit is Rs 20,000 in a day. This work will be done only till 30th September, and from 1st October there will be no value of 2000 note, it will be considered as nothing but a piece of paper in the market.
Although this work has happened before the election of the Prime Minister, perhaps this step will come as a big achievement for the BJP.

Rs 2000 notes out of circulation.

The Reserve Bank of India has advised the country’s banks to stop issuing 2000-rupee notes with immediate effect. The Reserve Bank has taken this decision under the ‘Clean Note Policy’. Till September 30, 2023, Rs 2000 notes can be deposited in the bank by the citizens.
However, according to a data by banks, about 54000000 notes of 2000 rupees are missing from the market.
Government says who has so many notes. And many leaders say that this decision of the central government is understood by everyone, and if the notes were to be banned, then why was the note brought and the problems of the common man are going to increase further.
Although the common man says that we do not have any problem with this because we do not have these notes.

Rs 2000 notes out of circulation.

RBI Bank has advised banks to stop issuing Rs 2000 notes with immediate effect, although Rs 2000 notes will remain legal till 30 September. The RBI said in a statement that the purpose of introducing Rs 2,000 notes was fulfilled when bank notes of other denominations became available to the general public.

Rs 2000 notes out of circulation, read what RBI has to say?

Rs 2000 notes out of circulation.

According to RBI, the printing of Rs 2000 notes was stopped in the financial year 2018-19. About 89 per cent of the total circulated notes of Rs 2000 were issued before March 2017. Even after that, it is not appropriate not to stay in the market or to be out of reach of the common man, any step of the government should be for the common man first.

On March 2018, Rs 2000 notes worth Rs 6.73 lakh crore were in circulation, which by March 31, 2023, the circulation of Rs 2000 notes has come down to Rs 3.62 lakh crore, which is only 10.8 percent of the current circulated currency. According to RBI, the use of 2000 rupee notes is not being seen at present, so it can also be said that the central government must have taken this decision, despite having so many notes, it is very surprising that they are not in the market.

If the central government is to be believed, it would be wrong to call demonetization wrong, in fact it is a phase-wise process of bringing the notes out of circulation. Through this, the government is going to crack down on black money.

Rs 2000 notes out of circulation, read what RBI has to say?

Rs 2000 notes out of circulation.

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