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Tesla smartphone can enter the market soon if there is a particular condition that can happen.

There is a statement that has been made by Elon Musk in his recent replies on the twitter, which suggests the launch of tesla smartphone.


Tesla smartphone

On 25ht November 2022, a verified tweeter account named “Liz Wheeler” which has more than 790K+ followers made a tweet about the recent situation of the twitter “If Apple and Google both decide to remove Twitter from their respective app-platform then Elon will launch its own smartphone company, after all, he can make rockets to touch Mars”.

This tweet seems more like a comment than a compliment but still the current owner of Twitter “Elon Musk” replied by saying that ” he certainly doesn’t want this to happen but if the situation comes this bad then he will not hesitate to launch his own smartphone company”.

The person who made this tweet is “Liz Wheeler” who has more than 790K+ followers on Twitter and 200K plus followers on Instagram. According to the account, her name is “Liz Wheeler” is the host of TheLizWheelerShow which according to the account one of the most anticipated new video podcasts of the year.



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