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The Controversy Around Twitter Removing Blue Ticks

Twitter recently removed blue ticks from verified profiles. The Controversy Around Twitter Removing Blue Ticks has sparked a lot of controversy and debate on the platform, especially among celebrities and influencers who have been verified by Twitter.

The Controversy Around Twitter Removing Blue Ticks

The blue tick was intended to mark influential figures on the platform, which is why many people are upset about its removal. They argue that it was a way for Twitter to show respect for their work, and now it’s gone. Twitter Removing Blue Ticks

Hundreds of thousands of Twitter users woke up Friday morning to find their blue tick — the tick that gave their account some level of authenticity — gone. Twitter CEO Elon Musk had previously announced that on April 20, Blue Tick would be removed from all accounts that do not pay for the Twitter Blue service.
In other words, the company has decided that the blue tick is no longer a sign that the account is genuine. Instead, it’s a badge given to users willing to pay a monthly fee to Twitter. And now only a few pays. Accounts that no longer have a blue tick or ID badge include Shah Rukh Khan, Virat Kohli, most politicians, journalists and other celebrities who were “verified” as of April 19, on twitter. Twitter Removing Blue Ticks

The Controversy Around Twitter Removing Blue Ticks

Who Lost Twitter Blue Tick?

Basically, all Twitter users who were verified under the old system and didn’t join Twitter Blue before April 20th will disappear from their profiles with their Blue Tick. Twitter started removing “verified” badges from non-followers on April 1st and has removed them for select users #039, profiles. One high-profile account that Blue Tick previously lost was the New York Times, apparently at the direct request of Elon Musk. However, most of the
users including journalists, public figures, athletes, government officials and movie stars have lost their verification badges. Twitter Removing Blue Ticks

The Controversy Around Twitter Removing Blue Ticks

There are few, who knows how many Twitter accounts that still have the blue tag. These relationships include those of writers Stephen King and LeBron James. Now, King and James previously announced they would never pay for Blue Tick. So, what’s going on? Well, Elon Musk said on Twitter that he pays Blue Tick for these two accounts. It’s unclear why he’s doing this, although people thought it was some form of trolling because the Twitter boss wants Twitter users to assume James and King are paying for Twitter Blue, even though they’ve already said that they will never pay. Twitter Removing Blue Ticks


The Controversy Around Twitter Removing Blue Ticks

Why Twitter removed the blue tags?

Now the question is: why? Multiple reasons, although it’s not clear which is crucial, and which is just an added benefit for Elon Musk.

Musk condemned the blue tick system even before buying Twitter. He accused the former management of Twitter of being elitist in verifying accounts. He also said that the blue tick system created two categories of Twitter users. As soon as he took over Twitter, Musk started selling Blue Tick. He said anyone can now buy Blue Tick for around $8 a month. Twitter Removing Blue Ticks

However, there are some people who feel that reverifying accounts on Twitter is not necessary, as anyone can make an impact through their content regardless of whether they have the blue tick or not. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Recently, The Controversy Around Twitter Removing Blue Ticks has been in the news for removing verified blue ticks from some of its users’ accounts. This move by Twitter has created a lot of controversy and confusion among its users. People have been questioning the decision and wondering what led to it. Twitter Removing Blue Ticks

The removal of blue ticks has raised concerns among people regarding the censorship policies of Twitter and how it affects their freedom of expression on the platform. Some people have expressed their disappointment in this move, while others have been demanding that Twitter reverify their accounts.

Twitter’s decision to remove the blue tick verification system has caused a massive uproar on the platform. People are reacting with anger and confusion as they are unable to reverify their accounts.

The controversy around Twitter removing the blue tick has been discussed in various news outlets and online forums, with many people questioning why Twitter would make such a drastic decision. Twitter Removing Blue Ticks

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