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West Bengal granting OBC status to Rohingyas.
West Bengal granting OBC status to so Bangladeshi Muslim.


West Bengal granting OBC status to Rohingyas: In NEW DELHI: Hansraj Ahir, chair of the National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC), said that 118 of the 179 OBC groups on the Bengal state list are Muslim, alleging irregularities in the granting of OBC classification under the state list in West Bengal.

According to him, there have also been accusations that Bengal’s OBC list includes some Rohingyas and immigrants from Bangladesh. According to him, the NCBC is looking into the incident and has asked the state to address the issue.

“Appeasement politics is behind granting OBC status to so many Muslim castes,” the NCBC chief said while adding that going by the complaints, it has been concluded that the entire exercise of granting OBC status has not been done in a responsible manner. “The Commission has held meetings and also written to the state to correct this,” Ahir said.

West Bengal granting OBC status to so Bangladeshi Muslim.

He said OBC communities in Bengal have been divided into category A and B. In category A, a greater number of backward castes are listed, of which 90% are Muslim castes, he claimed. In category B, which has less benefits, 54% are Hindu castes, he added.

West Bengal granting OBC status to Rohingyas.

West Bengal granting OBC status to Rohingyas: According to Ahir, 91.5% of those accepted into medical colleges under category A were Muslims, while 8.5% were Hindus. According to the head of NCBC, there were 108 OBC castes in Bengal as of 2011, of which 53 belonged to Muslim communities and 55 to Hindu communities.

However, in 2011, the number of castes on the OBC list increased to 179, with 71 new castes added, including 65 Muslim castes and 6 Hindu castes. According to a survey by the government-run Cultural Research Institute, a significant portion of Hindus in Bengal have converted to Islam, according to a statement by the NCBC. It claimed that Muslims from Bangladesh who had immigrated to India had also been listed as OBCs.

West Bengal has also made a proposal to the NCBC asking for the inclusion of Qureshi Muslims in the central OBC list, despite the fact that they are neither recognized nor included in their state’s OBC list. Ahir further claimed that some other states, like Rajasthan, Punjab, and Bihar, were not properly implementing OBC reservations. According to Ahir, there are seven districts in Rajasthan that do not offer OBCs any type of reservation. “There were Kurmi community issues in Bihar as well, which we are resolving.”

West Bengal granting OBC status to Rohingyas.

West Bengal granting OBC status to so Bangladeshi Muslim.

In a statement, NCBC said that they visited West Bengal in February this year. During a probe by the commission, it was found that according to a report by the government run Cultural Research Institute, in West Bengal a very large number of Hindu people have converted to Islam.

“Infact Bangladeshi Muslims who have come to India have also been included in the OBC list,” the statement alleges. It further stated that while West Bengal neither recognizes nor includes Qureshi Muslims in their state OBC list, but have sent a proposal to NCBC seeking their inclusion in the central OBC list.

West Bengal granting OBC status to Rohingyas.

The NCBC chief also said that OBC reservations were not being implemented correctly in some other states like Rajasthan, Punjab and Bihar. Ahir said there are seven districts in Rajasthan which do not give any reservation to the OBCs. “In Bihar too, there were issues related to the Kurmi community which we are resolving,” the NCBC chief said.

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