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WWDC 2023: Apple introduces iOS 17

WWDC 2023: At its yearly developers’ conference WWDC 2023, Apple formally introduced iOS 17, the upcoming major operating system for iPhones. In order to maximize the potential of the latest iPhones, Apple has included new features and functionalities with this iteration.

When they receive a FaceTime call, iPhones running iOS 17 may send video voicemails. In a similar vein, the update introduces AirDrop, a new feature for AirDrop that enables users to share contact information by bringing two iPhones together.WWDC 2023: Apple introduces iOS 17

WWDC 2023: Additionally, iOS 17 now enables users to call Siri by simply saying “Siri”. on a similar vein, the most recent update gives iPhone users the ability to make pet albums on the pictures app. Additionally, iOS 17 includes a better auto-correct system. A similar new feature of iOS 17 is the contact poster, which enables users to make bespoke contact posters with eye-catching text and profile images.

Other key highlights of iOS 17 are the new journal app and the Standby mode, where, the docked iPhone doubles as a bedside screen and showcases images, a calendar, clock, live activities, and more. Messages also get plenty of new features, including support for live stickers and Apple Maps can now work in offline mode.WWDC 2023: Apple introduces iOS 17

WWDC 2023: iOS 17 developers beta will be available for developers and enthusiasts starting today and the public beta will go live this fall.

WWDC 2023: Apple CEO Tim Cook opened up the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) Monday with a focus on hardware, software and services, but the biggest takeaways are the Vision Pro headset and the 15-inch MacBook Air. We saw updates to each one of Apple’s core platforms. So in no particular order, here is everything Apple announced today.WWDC 2023: Apple introduces iOS 17

WWDC 2023: Apple’s mixed-reality headset, the Vision Pro, is now available as expected. You operate apps and other gadgets with your eyes, head, and voice. While apps and content display in your environment like augmented reality, users view through the headgear as though they were wearing glasses.

Apple’s presentation during the keynote shows the user consuming and creating content in a 3D environment. The headset has a digital crown similar to the one on the Apple Watch, but it is connected to a battery pack that lasts for about two hours. When using the headset, Vision Pro’s EyeSight feature will also show your eyes. A 3D camera is also included in the headset to record your experiences while wearing it.WWDC 2023: Apple introduces iOS 17

It combines VR and AR. It is driven by Apple’s M2 chipset in conjunction with the R1, a brand-new chip created for “real-time sensor processing.” These chipsets drive visionOS, Apple’s newest operating system. Early in 2019, it will go on sale for $3,499 and debut in the US market before expanding to other markets.

WWDC 2023: Apple has launched the 15-inch MacBook Air. 

WWDC 2023: Apple introduces iOS 17

WWDC 2023: Apple has launched the 15-inch MacBook Air. It’s 11.5mm thick, weighs 1.3kg, and is powered by Apple’s own M2 chipset. The notebook features two USB-C ports, Apple’s MagSafe charging dock, and a standard headphone jack. The laptop features an 18-hour battery with an 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU. The new MacBook Air will ship in four colours, including Midnight and Starlight. The 15-inch MacBook Air starts at Rs 134,900. Customers can order it today and it’ll be available next week.WWDC 2023: Apple introduces iOS 17

WWDC 2023: Apple’s pro-grade Mac lineup is the supercharged Mac Pro. 

WWDC 2023: Joining Apple’s pro-grade Mac lineup is the supercharged Mac Pro. It’s powered by the M2 Ultra 24-core CPU, supporting up to a 76-core GPU, eight Thunderbolt 4 ports, and up to six of Apple’s high-end Pro Display XDR. The Mac Pro has a stainless steel frame that’s designed for tweaking and modules that can move around the frame.

It’s a high-end desktop computer designed for creative professionals and designers. The new Mac Pro model will be available starting at Rs 729900. Apple has also announced the updated Mac Studio. It can be configured with either Apple’s M2 Max or M2 Ultra chips. It starts at Rs 209,900.

There are numerous new features in the updated version of iOS, the main iPhone software. Users can now share contacts, music, the internet, or other shared activities between two iPhones or Apple Watches using the new “NameDrop” function.WWDC 2023: Apple introduces iOS 17

FaceTime, Apple’s platform for video and audio conferencing, now has voicemail capabilities that let users leave video messages for their pals. Meanwhile, updates to messaging will include more robust search capabilities and a catch-up feature for group chat that will enable you to set up automatic notifications to inform loved ones that you have arrived at your destination safely.

Additionally, Apple unveiled a brand-new feature called Standby, which will appear for customers when they tilt their iPhone using a stand. If you hold your iPhone horizontally, the entire lockscreen user interface changes. You should utilise a MagSafe stand for this.

WWDC 2023: The new tablet software update is gaining the same features of iOS 17.

WWDC 2023: The new tablet software update is gaining the same features of iOS 17, including brand new Messages features as well as AirDrop capabilities, and smarter autocorrect for text input. But, what’s new this year, is the ability to personalise the lock screen. iPadOS 17 will also come with the Health app. And last, the iPad will be able to display Live Activities just like iOS. The Notes app and PDF annotation are also getting attention in iPadOS 17.

WWDC 2023: Apple introduces iOS 17

WWDC 2023: macOS Sonoma

macOS Sonoma, the latest version of its Mac operating system, includes several new features, including desktop widgets, Apple TV-like aerial screensavers and enhancements to apps like Messages and Safari. On the gaming front, there’s a new Game mode that prioritizes CPU and GPU performance.

The new gaming functionality takes advantage of Apple’s more powerful graphics processing units and Apple’s Metal 3 framework. There’s also expanded video-conferencing functionality through FaceTime. Widgets are coming to the macOS on the desktop. Meanwhile, Safari is getting some under-the-hood improvements and enhanced Private Browsing functionality.WWDC 2023: Apple introduces iOS 17

WWDC 2023: Apple announced tvOS 17 updates.

Apple announced tvOS 17 updates. One big feature: FaceTime is coming to Apple TV. The new FaceTime app uses your iPhone or iPad camera to bring video calls to your big-screen TV. Apple also said you’ll soon be able to find your lost Apple TV remote using FindMy, so long as you have the newer Siri remote.WWDC 2023: Apple introduces iOS 17

WWDC 2023: Apple is updating the Apple Watch’s software.

Apple is updating the Apple Watch’s software with new widgets and redesigned apps. The idea is to show more information at a glance. All you need to turn the digital crown and it will bring up your widget stack and let you scroll through for quick and easy access to information.

The Apple Watch is also getting two new watch faces: a  colour-palette themed, and the Peanuts characters Snoopy and Woodstock. There will also be more metrics and workout views for cycling, including the ability to show extra statistics when connecting to other Bluetooth-enabled bike sensors. Health is also a getting focus for WatchOS 10. Apple is adding new mood-logging features to the Mindfulness app, which you can access on both the watch and the phone.

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