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UP Money Heist! Worth 1 crore

UP Money Heist!

Burglars Dig 10-Foot-Long Tunnel To SBI Branch Kanpur, Flee With Nearly Rs 1 Crore Of Gold


A shocking bank robbery occurred in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh on Friday. The robbers broke into the vault of the State Bank of India (SBI) in Kanpur through a 10-foot tunnel on Thursday night. and stole 1 crore worth of gold. disabled the alarm system and rotated the only CCTV camera in the vault the other way.

UP Money Heist!

UP Money Heist! worth 1 crore

The thieves stole more than 4 pounds of gold, worth approximately 1 crore, according to bank officials.

UP Money Heist!

The robbers opened a gold chest at a bank in UP and escaped with Rs 1 crore worth of gold after breaking into the vault through a 10-foot tunnel, police said on Friday. They had dug the tunnel, which was about four feet wide, on vacant land next to the Bhanuti branch of the State Bank of India, they said. Although the thieves managed to open the gold chest, they were unable to open the cash box, which contained 32 lakhs, police officer Vijay Dhull said. They used a gas cutter to open safe deposit box , where 29 people’s gold was pawned for loans to the bank. The thieves disabled the alarm system and turned off the only video surveillance

UP Money Heist!

UP Money Heist! CCTV investigation

“The CCTV footage is currently being investigated and several teams have been formed to solve this case,” he said. Senior law enforcement officials, forensic experts and a canine unit arrived at the bank and soon began an investigation. Several police teams led by senior officials have been trained, Jogdand said. A case has been registered under Section 379 (Theft) of the Indian Penal Code in this matter. A similar case occurred in Kanpur in 1997, where thieves broke into the Govind Nagar branch of SBI after digging a tunnel 60 meters long.



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