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Over 100 million in India now diabetic.

Over 100 million in India now diabetic.Over 100 million in India now diabetic, 44% rise within last 4 years: alarming statistics. Data revealed 15.3% population prediabetic, mostly youngsters.

Today, 17 percent of the diabetic patients in the whole world are from India, that is, on average one out of every 6 patients is Indian. Not only this, the number of people who lost their lives due to this disease is also not less.

Shocking statistics were disclosed by the Indian Council of Medical Research’s most recent report. More than 101 million individuals in India currently have diabetes.Over 100 million in India now diabetic.

In 2019, there were 70 million of them diabetic, a rise of more than 30 million people in just three years.Over 100 million in India now diabetic.

A UK medical magazine called the Lancet published the ICMR report. According to the study, the number of diabetic patients is rising at an alarming rate in many jurisdictions, necessitating “urgent state-specific interventions”.

Between October 2008 and 2020, researchers looked at more than 1 lakh persons from both urban and rural sections of the nation. The prevalence fell to 72 million after two years, when the study included all of the northeastern states with low prevalence rates and excluded those with generally high rates.

“This time, UTS and 31 states were included. Dr. Ranjit Mohan Anjana, president of the Madras Diabetic Research Foundation, stated that the weighted prevalence now accurately reflects the situation on the ground. He is one of the authors of this investigation.Over 100 million in India now diabetic.

Diabetes is mainly of two types – First type one diabetes – This is a disease that can be genetically transferred to you, that is, if someone in your house has diabetes, then you are also vulnerable to this disease.

There is another type of diabetes, Type 2…and Type 2 diabetes is mainly a lifestyle disease, doing little or no physical activity, not controlling diet, not sleeping well, and increasing stress are the main causes of type 2 diabetes.

Some doctors claim that you can be completely diabetes free if you are in the early stages of the disease.

Steps to reduce the blood sugar level of diabetic patients.Over 100 million in India now diabetic.

In a recent research done in India, 60 such people aged 18 to 60 years were given 20 grams of almonds which is about 17-18 almonds to eat half an hour before eating. Their diet was controlled, and they were asked to walk daily for 45 minutes. This was done for about three months. After three months, the blood sugar level of 33% of these people had come to normal, that is, the risk of diabetes had been averted from them.

So, diabetes can be controlled with a good diet and a healthy lifestyle can be given to diabetic patients.

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